75. Werdmühleplatz

The one in the Werdmühleplatz, a quiet little square hidden a steps away from the busy Bahnhofstrasse. Strolling down the shopping street next to it, you would never believe you could find so close to it a quiet bench for you the sit and watch the first leaves of Autumn falling down to the floor. Not far from here, the Jules Verne, once Zurich’s astronomical observatory, now transformed into a popular panoramic bar. Lonely Planet rates is at the #127 thing to do in Zurich (out of 151). And, very popular this year, the Urania tapas bar a few meters away from it. The menu looks vaguely Spanish, but my eyes opened to the size of plates when I saw chorizo [a type pork sausage] advertised as Spanish salami. Hence the premium price, probably.

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