101. Stockerstrasse

The one in the corner of Stockerstrase with Bleicherweg. Definitively not one of my favorites… We are now in the … More

52. Glärnischstrasse

The one in Glärnischstrasse, better know as the the Löwenbrunnen [the lion fountain]. It is standing on a bridge over the Limmat, … More

51. Bärenplätzli

It is a bit off the beaten track in a small park informally known as the Bärenplätzli [the small-bears square], … More

37. Selnaustrasse

The one in the terrace of restaurant Nagasui, in the Selnaustrasse. It actually belongs to a group of four fountains – … More

33. Bärengasse

It is in front of the Bärengasse Museum (Bärengasse 20). It isn’t actually a museum, but a show room, which is … More