96. Schaffhauserplatz

The one in Schaffhauserplatz, one of the busiest crossings in Zurich. Though it has  a retro look, it was built in 2002 as a part of the refurbishment work done in the streets. It is the work of Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann, who won the public contest to build the new element in the Schaffhauserplatz. This fountain was chosen as its Y-shaped architecture reflected the shape of the square, while the terraces and water curtains related to its  slopes and facades.

The fountain was made in black pre-fabricated concrete poured and is cost the city about 186 000 francs. The hidden underground mechanism to make the water flow, including a pump, a regulating device and a water reservoir of 1600 liters came to a total of 207 000 francs. But, as Sabine Lang said proudly, it is something built to last for ever.


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