102. Limmatquai

The one in Limmatquai, in one of Zurich’s most traditional and historic spots. Built in the XVI century, it represents Samson (of Biblical Samson and Delilah fame), being officially known as Samsonbrunnen [Samson fountain]. But, Zürchers call it the Fischmarktbrunnen [fish market fountain], as it used to be in the middle of a fish market and was mostly used to keep the goods fresh and clean. The market is long gone but a nearby street flower shop still makes good use it. Not at the time the snapshot was taken, though. After all the snow that felt last of week, Zurich got hit by an artic cold wave and has been shivering at sub-zero temperatures. Very sunny indeed, but, lets face it, way too chilly for minimal walkings let alone outdoors shopping.

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