107. Spöndlistrasse

The one in front of the Collegium Helveticum, in Spöndlistrasse. If I hadn’t been rushed to the University Hospital emergency room, I would have missed it. As I was making a mental note to come back to this place on broad day light with a camera and enough patience, I realized my ailments might not be as serious as I thought they were. Everything ended up with lots of colorful pills, a justified medical absence of 1 day and a quasi-shocking bill. All in all, a happy ending, a worried banker and a lovely fountain to talk about.

On an even brighter side, I found out about the Collegium Helveticum. Founded by the ETH Zurich in 1997, it has objective of promoting a more in-depth discourse of natural and technical sciences with humanities and social sciences. Their researchers were once busy doing the Emotional Project (or, if you want to be very precise: Emotions – their interface to the molecular world and their importance overlaying human rational behavior). Now, they turned their attention on tracking human behavior (again, for the sake of precision: Tracking the human, technologies of collecting, ordering and comparing, or the problem of relevant knowledge). They don’t seem too worried about publishing their results, tough.

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