110. Rehalp cemetery

The one at the entrance of the Rehalp cemetery, in the cross of Forch- and Enzenbühlstrasse. It is used to be in cross of  Bleicherweg  and Stockerstrasse, in the city center and was moved here in 1911 by popular request. It seemed to have been a happy coincidence – the fountain would no longer fit the new traffic plans, the local neighbors were asking for one and the city of Zurich wanted to add more elements to it. And, the fountain has been happily siting in this place for a century.  Another trivia – the  two benches are a made of Jurassic limestone  and its arms the Zurich coat of arms. There are no reports of ghosts or other paranormal phenomena, nor I was able to find records of any celebrities being buried here. It is actually a quite a nice place to finish your days, overlooking the Zurich lake, the Zuriberg and the cemetery’s gardens.

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