Art and the City – Map by Matt Mullican

A brief interruption on our normal programming to show what the city of Zurich has pompously called an open air art festival. I resisted the temptation of shooting the teddy bears, the cows and the plant pots, but not the Art in The City happening. Several reasons for this – first, it is Art. Sometimes a bit hermetic, but nevertheless art. Indeed, some of them are very respectable art pieces. Second, it is Zurich West. Pretty much like everyone else who has been living here  for a while, this is uncharted territory. It used to be the Industriequartier, where the production plants and bigwarehouses used to be. Definitely, not the place you should go and visit. Now, it seems the place where everything is happening… By last, I might have spotted a couple of fountains on that neighborhood, none of them remarkable. It will take more than a fountain for it to get mapped on this blog, so this could well be my only chance to do it.

The first piece of art in this blog will have to be map of the exhibition, done by Matt Mullican. I am partial to the artist, but in any case I liked it even before I knew who did it. You might want to resort to a proper map to find you way in Zurich West, but this one is a true work of art.

More about this piece and the artist on the Art and the City official website 

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