Cathedral St. Ursen in Solothurn


The one in front of St Ursen Cathedral in Solothurn, better known as the Moses fountain.  The work of J.B. Babel’s, it flanks the famous Pisoni flight of stairs together with Gideon’s fountain. Finally, we found where the sun had been hidden this Spring… The cathedral,  built in pale Solothurn between between 1762 and 1773  is an impressive example of early classical Swiss structures of pale Solothurn marble. But, having a an apfelschorle sitting by river seemed a much idea at the time. Or several apfelschorles, if possible in multiples of 11 to pay tribute to the local holy number. Should we had staid a bit longer, we might had even felt tempted to find the other 10 historical fountains of Solothurn 

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