143. Röntgenstrasse * Langstrasse

roentgenstrasse langstrasse

The one in the cross between Langstrasse and Röntgenstrasse. It is arguably one of the ugliest fountains in Zurich. Could not find any reference to it, but I suspect it dates back from the 70ies and was done by a designer was very proud of their “concept”.  It sits right at the border of Kreis 4 and 5, very close to the train railways and the red light district. If you are a newbie in town, you most likely will be advised to avoid this are after dark, for the sake of respectability and your own safety. But, as the neighbourhood becomes more gentrified, it starts to feel like an alternative neighbourhood with a bit more edge than the über clean and ordered noble parts of Zurich. Any excuse would be good to replace this object by something a bit more in tune with the contemporary standards of taste and design. 

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