149. Fraumünster (1)


The one in the Fraumünster Abbey [Women’s Minster], one of Zurich’s most prominent landmarks and places to visit. If you had little time and could do only one thing, this would be the one thing I would recommend you not to miss.

There are plenty of reasons not to miss this site. First, the relics of the saint martyrs Felix and Regula, which were transferred here from the neighbouring Grossmünster, right on the other side of the Limmat. It then become a part pilgrimage trail through the city: the Grossmünster, as the site of burial (fountain number 149), the Wasserkirche as the site of execution (fountain number 106), and the Fraumünster as the repository of the saints’ remains. A bridge – the Münsterbrücke – was built to link all three.

Then, the glass windows by Marc Chagall and Augusto Giacometti (cousin of Alberto’s father). The Chagall windows, in the Romanesque choir which dates from the 1200s, were installed in the late 1960s. There are five of them, depicting various elements of both the Old and the New Testament. Chagall also created the rose window which can be seen in the southern transept.

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