156. Hürlimann Areal

google fountain

The one in Hürlimann Areal, right in front of Google headquarters in Zurich. In case you wonder, this is indeed the office space better known for its aquaria, slides and igloo conference rooms

The fountain itself is the work of architect Christoph Haerle, and was set less than a decade ago, in 2004. It is made of two distinct pieces. One, the concrete wall in Sea Island blue; the other, the red basin permanently flooded.

This in no regular fountain, though. The water, sourced about 500m below surface, even has its own brand name: Aqui. Other than being sold as local bottled water, it doubled up as the water used for the local Hürlimann beer. After a long story of mergers and acquisitions, the brand ended up in the hands of a global company in the late nineties.  Hürlimann is still around, and still marketed as a local beer….  Brand and marketing considerations apart, in a bold move, the city of Zurich then decided to convert the 160 year old brewery int a posh commercial area, provided the old factory was conserved and preserved, a project which finally ended in the earlier noughties.

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