163. Behind the Migros in Eglisau

dar banho ao cao

The one behind the Migros car park in Eglisau. It would have been yet another anonymous fountain in yet another anonymous car park, if it wasn’t for the sign: Hundebadeverbot, which means that is forbidden to bath dogs. In general, fountains are pet friendly, but most likely only locals can provide an explanation for such an egregious rule. However, being a Portuguese I could not help but grinning when my friend posted the picture on Facebook.  And, being himself a Portuguese, M. couldn’t miss the irony of it all.  Vai dar banho ao cão [go and bath the dog] is the equivalent of saying someone to get lost or bugger off. And when you can’t bath the dog, you’d better be armed with patience, understanding and endurance…

A big thank you to @mazevedo77 for sending in this picture. Definitely someone unlikely to be sent to bath dogs.

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