85. Hochhaus zur Palme

The one in the Bleicherweg, in the entry of Hochhaus zur Palme, one of the oldest skyscrappers in Zurich. The work of architects Max Ernst Haefeli, Werner Max Mose and Rudolf Steiger, built around 1964 in the grounds of the a villa known as The Palm. The new building took its the old one – Hochhaus zur Palme means in a literal manner means “the tall house of the palm”. This probably could explain why the local sculptor Erwin Rehmann, created a piece who is supposed to have reminiscences of a palm. For an extra touch of function, the fountain base is a skylight of an underground garage.

The Hochhaus zur Palme’s courtyard is shared by different businesses, such as Credit Suisse, the Anne Mosseri-Marlio Galerie and the Barbarian Art Gallery. Actually, I came to the Bleicherweg 33 this day to attend a vernissage at the gallery. Hence the white balloons and the festive spirit of the place…

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