64. Bürkliplatz

The one in Bürkliplatz [Bürkli square]. Bürkliplatz was named after Arnold Bürkli, the architect who supervised the construction of  Zürich’s shoreline and its lakeside promenade with alleys, connecting the Zürihorn, Bellevue and Enge. Zurchers once dreamt this to be the place to build the Bundeshaus [Federal Palace], but Bern was eventually chosen to be federal capital of  Switzerland. It is now a harbor, who hosts the popular wine tasting ships in November, and a park. The park serves as venue for a farmers market (every Tuesdays and Fridays), and antique flea market (the first saturday of the month), ball room practice and candle making school around Christmas. And, of course, Bürkliplatz has one of the very few public toilets in town, right next to this fountain.

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