Bellevue, take 2: a few hours before the Zurich Love Parade

It was fountain number 57, the one in Bellevue tram stop . I was lucky enough to have the camera in my purse early in the morning, when it looked (almost) squeaky clean. But this won’t last very long today.  Latter, this poor fountain will be right in the middle of the 20th Zurich Love Paradedie farbigste, schönste und grösste Technoveranstaltung der Welt [the most colorful, the most beautiful and the biggest techno event in the world]. Actually, Wikipedia only concedes it a more modest “most attended street parade in Europe (…), largest techno parties in the world and the largest annual event in Zurich”. In any case, rain or shine, over one million are expected to join today for a wild and massive party around the Lake Zurich and Bellevue. A lot of happy people dancing in the streets… This year, it will all about Love, Freedom, Tolerance & Respect. 

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