72. Bahnhofstrasse * Talstrasse

The one at the beginning of Bahnhofstrasse, hidden behind a container. It is better known as the Rebekka-Brunnen [Rebecca fountain]. It was commissioned by W.E. Brandt as a memorial to his parents, Emanuel Henry and Ida, and it it was meant to be in the garden of family villa. When the estate was sold, W.E Brandt donated it to the city of Zurich.

Rebecca is no other but the wife of Isaac, the son of  Abraham, according to the Book of Genesis. When Abraham felt it was time to marry his son, his servant Eliezer was sent to look for a suitable candidate. Eliezer devised a test in order to find the right wife for Isaac: the first woman to give water to both him and his camels would be the one. To his surprise, a young girl immediately came out and offered to draw water for him to drink, as well as water to fill the troughs his entourage. This girl was Rebecca. After asking permission to her parents,  the servant took her to Canaan. The story of how they met and what they did is till nowadays a part of any traditional Jewish wedding ceremony. But, that is another story.


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