Ida Shumacher fountain (Viktualienmarkt in Munich, Germany)

There are more fountains in Munich than in any other German City: a whooping 500, it seems. You can find six of those in the Viktualienmarkt [victuals market],  Munich’s most popular open air market. And, according to the New York Times,  a market worth a flight (or a cab ride). Around 140 stalls and shops sell anything a foodie or a professional chef might need for their dishes, from breads and cheeses, meats and poultry, fruits and vegetables to spices, herbs and delicacies from all over the world.

The Viktualienmark’s fountains were built in memory of Munich’s most popular folk singers and entertainers. Not knowing any better, I took a snapshot of the fountain dedicated to Ida Shumacher (1894-1956), a comedian who was better known as Ratschkathl [a Bavarian word that can be roughly translated as chatty woman]. Amongst her most popular pieces  were am Viktualienmarkt-Da ‘Oardandler  [In the Viktualienmarkt – the egg dealer] and Trambahnritzenreinigungsdame (Ode an den Rollwagerladmiral)  [The tram cracks cleaning lady (ode to the admiral of a rolling cart).

If I had know any better, I would have gone for Karl Valentin, the Charlie Chaplin of Germany. His statue is not the most inspired ones in the Viktualienmarkt. But, there is a strange irony in the fact that a man who passed away in extreme poverty and near starvation, now has his memorial in the middle of a gourmet market.

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