86. Hegibachplatz

The one in Hegibachplatz. A pretty fountain with a long story: the first records of a simple drinking fountain date from 1928. Then, as a part of modernization work in the street, the city of  Zurich decided to have something more artsy in this square. The commission ended up in the hands of the local architect Emil Schäfer, who designed the granite basin. In 1932, sculptor Otto Münch created the sculpture that is on top of the basin. Münch’s piece was way over the budget, but the bill ended up being paid, given the quality of the work. And here it is today, in a quiet corner of the Hegibachplatz, better know today for being a small public transportation hub.

On a side note, this fountain seems to  be as vandalized as the one in Bellevue’s tram stop. Over the years it has been broken, painted and stollen.

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