119. Bäckeranlage

The one in the Bäckeranlage, the public garden of Kreis [district center] 4, very close to the bohemian Helvetiaplatz and the not so reputable Langstrasse. Probably where those 34% of population who does not work in banking, finance or insurance come to live…

The Bäckeranlage was built in 1901, by Evariste Mertens, closed soon after as it was hardly used by the neighbors, reopened after being refurbished, closed again, reopened for the use of homeless alcoholics, burnt to the ground, closed again, re-occupied by drug addicts looking for a place to stay, closed and sealed, reopened with the help of the police and closed again. Finally, in 2004, after yet another major refurbishment, it opened again as a meeting point for all those living in this neighborhood. The city has grown, and finally the right park met the right people… Definitely, those who sit here have not much in common to the people we can find in the city center or the old town. The neighbors feel way more cool, relaxed and laid back. Also, you can running around a lot of young families and kiddies in all shapes, forms and colors. Seeing how happy people look, it is hard to believe that not so long ago this place was one of the darkest sides of the city…

As a bonus point, the Summer events. Every Wednesday, a local band takes the stage and plays (for free) for the local residents. Just come round, grab something to eat and sit back to enjoy a few hopefuls performing. One of these little details which makes Zurich such a livable place.

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