120. Seefeldstrasse * Klausstrasse

The one in the cross of Seefeldstrasse and Klausstrasse. We have now reached a important psychological milestone: 10% of my assignment is now complete. It took 2 years (and 9 days), 5 different gadgets and an unestimated number of hours fighting with maps, but I have learned enough about Zurich to impress the most inquisitive guests.

Surprisingly enough, after all this time and fountains, managed to avoid talking about these bronze fountains spread all over town. They might ubiquitous, but they are not your regular fountain – these are Notwasserbrunnen. Meaning, they are fountains made to guarantee a water supply in times of emergency using an independent network. Every aspect of it was fully thought through by its author, interior designer Alf Aebersold. They can deliver water even when electricity fails, they can be easily modified to allow the use of buckets, and they have an extra basin for the doggies. In 1973, when the city of Zurich finally decided for this model, it was much to the liking of both zürchers and their pets. Today, there are about 80 of them distributed all over Zurich, sometimes where you least expect to find them. This one would be my emergency fountain: I live a few blocks away from it.

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