121. Viadukt (1)

The one at the Viadukt. Or, if you want to be very precise, the one at the park close by the  Viadukt, a trendy shopping mall. This will be probably one of the best memories the kiddies will have from their childhood  – playing with water in a hot Summer day. It is probably against a few hundred city rules, but at this point, who cares? Everybody is happy and having fun…

As I write this post, I realize I have lived in Zurich for long enough to have seen it grow and transform. When I moved here almost 8 years ago,  this was a not-so-good neighborhood – or so I was told. It was almost the place where the city finished and the outskirts begun, and the respectably trendy became dangerously dubious. But, this was one of the very spaces where the city could expand… One fine day, some cranes were assembled and  less than a year, all those warehouses and abandoned buildings were put down. On its place, modern skyscrapers and buildings start to pop out like mushrooms. Now, it is where the hipsters, the cool and the trendy have fun, while the bankers, auditors and consultants get busy in their modern offices.  And, thanks to the British Cheese Centre at the Viadukt , a place where expats meet.


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