132. Platzspitzbrunnen


The one in Platzspitzbrunnen, the green triangular promenade where the Sihl and the Limmat rivers meet, nowadays known as the Landesmuseum [Swiss National Museum] park.

It was once a place where  scholars, poets and painters did like in ancient Athens, and walked with their disciples entertaining long philosophical talks of deep meaning. But, it was not for this reason that this park made the international headlines in the late eighties and early nineties. If you remember hearing about a Needle Park in Zurich, this was it. The Platzspitz was by then a designated area to legally purchase, sell and use drugs, making the open use of drugs tolerated by the authorities. It was a well intentioned idea, but no one seemed to be prepared for what followed. In 1992, the police closed the park and since 1995 no open drug scenes are tolerated in Zurich. Nowadays, all this seem forgotten, and this is a park where happy people pass by and sit on the sun…

The work of Winterthurer’s Robert Lienhard and made of Castione granite, this fountain was set in 1955. It represents the confluence of the two rivers, as personified by a dance of two nymphs called the Naiads.

Finally, a big thank you to A.,who showed me where this fountain was hidden and told me the story about Needle Park.

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