131. Zentralhof

post office

The one in Zentralhof, a quiet square of the Bahnhofstrasse. Apparently, a very popular opportunity in winter when it gets all frozen, like today. Or so I have been told…

Shops like Gucci, Tiffany and the Madagascar Consulate have views to this place. Yet, it is perfectly possible to have a rest from the busy street in the outside terrace of the local cafés. No need to bring your own coffee if you want to have breakfast at Tiffany – the Café Milchbar happily will do that for when they are finally back from umbau [renovation]

This used to be an annex of the central postoffice, and was used as a space to park the carriages with the mail. Latter, the drinking fountains for the horses were replaced by this huge cast-iron fountain, which was renovated in 1986.

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